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Hong Kong - Parties

Attending a birthday party
When your child is invited to a birthday party, it is polite to send a birthday gift.  If the family is Chinese, the child may not open the gift in front of others, but wait until later to open the gift.

Birthday items
Hong Kong has become extremely over the top in regards to birthday parties.  If you want to have a party with all the trimmings, some of the party planners below can help you.  Also, if you are a member of a club, see if they can provide birthday parties as that will help take some of the headache out of the planning!Be aware that often the birthday child gives each guest a small gift when they leave, which you may opt to do.Children's Part Catering--for menu and information call Alka at + 852 9101 7109

Steps to arrange a birthday party  
The birthday parties in Hong Kong can get really fancy.  Many parents feel they have to “keep up” with the other parties their kid has gone to and they choose to hire someone to entertain at the party.  This is not a cheap option as entertainers have high prices, but there are a number of groups available.  If you belong to a Club you can ask about having a birthday party there as well.

A quick note on birthday parties.  If you are throwing a party for your child, it is common for the guests to leave with little parting favors or a goodie bag.  I’ve heard parents talk about how much work having a birthday party can be because they feel they must provide these bags so their children don’t look bad.  Take note when your child comes back from a party if they have been given a small gift, and then be prepared to do the same when throwing a party for your child.