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Hong Kong - Currency

You will get a slightly better exchange rate at a bank versus the airport.  Banks will not charge you to exchange money if you are one of their customers (although you still only  get the bank rate.) 

If you have an ATM card that will work overseas, I would use it when you got to Hong Kong.  Withdraw what you think you will need so you get the best rate and only have to pay the service fee once.  This is your best bet.  There will be ATMs at the airport once you have passed Immigration and are out in the main hall.  Try your ATM card there.  If it doesn’t work, you can always change cash or travellers cheques at the airport.   Travellers cheques get a lower rate than cash and are hard to cash at banks.  If you need to cash travellers cheques, go to Thomas Cook.  There is one at the airport, but you will get a lower rate there.  The Thomas Cook in Central is located at Wing On Central Bld, 10/F  26 Des voeux Road.  Call 3196-5555 to find a Thomas Cook near you.     

You will be able to pay for a multitude of things on a credit card.  Restaurants, hotels, general shopping (although markets won’t accept them), grocery stores etc.


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