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Hong Kong - Mail System

Normal Mail
When the British controlled Hong Kong, they brought their wonderful, efficient postal system with them. You can buy stamps at any post office. Some post offices have stamp machines outside so you can buy stamps at any time. The main post office is in Central, near the Star Ferry. 

To mail a letter in Hong Kong it costs HKD $1.40. To mail a letter overseas, it can costs from HKD $ 1.90 to 4.50. (You should put a blue “airmail” sticker on overseas letters. These stickers are free at the post office.) Charges will apply for larger letters. In order to send the letter, you must take it to the post office or find a letterbox to drop them in. The letterboxes usually look like large, green fire hydrants, or they may be big purple metal boxes. 
For more information on Hong Kong Mail browse the Hong Kong Post website

As long as the letter is properly addressed to you, it will arrive in your mailbox which will probably be on the ground floor of your apartment building. 

You will receive a package slip in your mailbox which will tell you which post office you need to go to in order to collect your package.

If you wish to send items out to beat the Christmas rush, send them early! As Christmas nears, the post office will list the last day you can send your cards to certain countries and have them delivered in time for Christmas. 

If you send a package by sea, it will get to it’s destination in 6-10 weeks.  The cost of sending a light package by air isn’t very much different than sending it by sea. Ask at the post office as there are a number of ways to send packages. 

Internet service providers

  • Netvigator  
    Tel: + 852 183 3833
    It is supposed to only have seven digits)
  • Asia On-Line Ltd  
    Tel: + 852 2837 8800
  • CompuServe (AOL)  
    Call the USA at 1-614-723-9941
  • Pacific Supernet Ltd  
    Tel: + 852 2335 3636

    I have used Netvigator and it has worked very well. We combined it with a Broadband service which has speeded up our Internet.  (Authors note)