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Hong Kong - Lists for the Move or Travelling

If you're like me, you want to have lists handy to check off as you move. Knowing what to pack, what to hand carry, and things to do before arriving in your new home can make the transition easier.  Provided are some lists for this very purpose.

List of items to hand carry 


List of Items Not to Import


  • Alcohol - It will slow up your shipment as there is a duty on it.  You can buy alcohol here.
  • Tobacco - It will slow your shipment in customs.  Tobacco is available here.
  • Firearms - Even decorative ones.  They are prohibited in Hong Kong.
  • Drugs - They are illegal in Hong Kong.
  • Cars There is a “registration tax” on all cars shipped to Hong Kong. It’s 40-60% of the value of your car.  It’s better to buy one here.
  • Leather coats -  Due to the high humidity, leather often will mold here.It rains a lot and can ruin your coat. 
  • Your television, unless it is a universal t.v. or fits Hong Kong’s standards.  If it was bought in Europe or the UK, it will probably work here.  A HK TV standard is 625 lines, 50 cycles, and 220 volts with a PAL color system. 
  • Your VCR or laser disk player probably won’t work here either.  The good news is you will be able to buy these items in Hong Kong for a decent price and you can buy one that will work anywhere in the world.  Be sure to ask for a universal VCR to make sure it will play anywhere.
  • Appliances that aren’t 220 voltage, unless you will bring or buy a converter here
  • Tampons. They are available here.
  • If anyone in your family needs certain medicines, please make sure you carry a certain supply with you until you have found a new family physician. Get a certificate from your doctor that you need those medicines. Due to the latest developments in the world, syringes for instance have been banned from being taken aboard an aeroplane. Get informed well.
  • You should have your child’s school records with you, or sent directly to the new school.
  • Either carry your family’s medical and dental history, or have the addresses of where you can write and have them sent to you once you’re settled.
  • Hand carry your passport and immunization papers.
  • All important documents, such as banking information, investment information, etc, should be hand carried so you have access to it immediately.
  • Hand carry any precious jewelry.
  • Bring clothes for the time you will be in Hong Kong before your shipment arrives.
  • Linens.  If you don’t have a furnished flat, you will need bed sheets and towels. You can buy these here in Hong Kong so it’s not vital to bring them unless you are going from the airport into an unfurnished flat.
  • Some small kitchen appliances, like a can opener, a few knives, some pots and pans to tide you over ‘til your shipment arrives.  These can be bought here.
  • Your list of what is in your shipment and who to contact here in Hong Kong.
  • Baby items that you will need within the first few weeks.  You can buy diapers (nappies) here.
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