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Hong Kong - Visa Requirements


Usually the company you are working for will secure a visa in advance for you.  You should acquire your work visa before you come as it is extremely difficult (close to impossible)  to arrive in HK and then try to get a work visa!

Work Visayour employer should take care of the work visa.  Otherwise, see for more information.

Dependent VisaThis visa is very easy to get as long as you are a spouse, dependent child, or dependent parent of someone who has a work visa.  If you have a dependent visa, you can take up employment or study in Hong Kong without applying for a special visa from Immigration. 

The new Dependant Policy were implemented on 1 July 2003.  The policy changes would only apply to dependants whose applications reach the Department after 1 July 2003.

If you are not legally married to your partner, it is possible to secure a dependent visa, but difficult.  You will have to show that the partner supports you and apply to the Immigration Department to plead your case. 

Immigration Department
Immigration Tower
7 Gloucester Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel:  2824 6111

If you have specific questions, you can e-mail the Immigration Department at:
[email protected]  
You can also look at their website for detailed information about visitors visas, work visas, and dependent visas.

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