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Hong Kong - Immigration Overview

When moving to a new country, what are the requirements for expats? What are you allowed to import and what is not allowed? Can you bring a nanny or an au pair? Are there any vaccination requirements?Can your pet come with you? Will both spouses be able to work? Paguro answers your questions!

Local overview   

Do not attempt to enter the country until your documentation is processed. You should have a work visa BEFORE you enter the country in order to work. Getting a visa once you're already in Hong Kong is extremely difficult.  The company you work for will have to sponsor a visa for you and should take care of the documentation. Once you have a work visa and are in the country, you must get your Hong Kong Identity Card. You will need this card to open bank accounts, secure a lease, to sign up for schools, etc. 

It is suggested that, for your peace of mind, ease of transfer and personal sanity that you use a relocation agent or service. This is suggested if the company you are moving with does not provide this service, or if you are making an independent move. The relocation agent or service may have information on how to choose a flat, the latest information about leases and property prices, and can find you a flat near work or your children's school. They will ensure you know about all the fees involved in renting a flat so you are fully aware of your monthly payments with no surprises.