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Hong Kong - Health System

Hong Kong has fantastic hospitals and doctors. One word of advice is to figure out how your insurance works before you have an emergency. Many people have to pay and then are reimbursed by their insurance company later. The hospitals and doctors will want money UP FRONT. The private hospitals (the only ones you will want to go to) require payment immediately, so be prepared! Most hospitals accept the BUPA medical insurance card as equivalent to cash.

Emergency Number for police, fire, ambulance is 999

Health warning
If you have Rheusus negative blood, you should be aware that it is rare in Hong Kong. Rh-blood is found in 1 out of 7 westerners, but only 1 out of 375 Chinese have it. Therefore, if you know you’re going in for an operation and have Rh- blood, consider giving some in advance.  If you would like to help others who may be desperately in need of this type of blood, please call the Red Cross at Tel:+ 852 2710 1333 and become a regular donor. 




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