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Hong Kong - Emergencies

Police, Fire, Ambulance: 999
If deaf or non-speaking, call 992 for emergency fax line.

In case of a medical emergency, go to the nearest hospital. Don't forget to bring your insurance card and credit card as you may not receive care at a private hospital without these items.  If you go to a public hospital, you will receive care in an emergency situation.

If you call for an ambulance, tell them what hospital you want them to take the patient to or they will go to the nearest public hospital instead of the private hospital of your choice.

Hong Kong has fantastic private hospitals and doctors.  One word of advice is to figure out how your insurance works before you have an emergency.  Many people have to pay and then are reimbursed by their insurance company later.  The hospitals and doctors will want money up front.  A lady I know moved here and two weeks later took her husband to the emergency room because his appendix had burst.  On the way to the hospital she was pleading with the credit card company to increase her limit so her husband would be able to receive treatment.  The private hospitals (the only ones you will want to go to) require payment immediately, so be prepared!  I have BUPA medical insurance and most hospitals accept my card as if I’d paid them cash.Find out what is expected with your insurance.


  • YWCA
    China SAR
    Tel: +
    852 2522 4291 General Enquiries
  • Emergency Care Training
    1105 Wilson House-Central
    19-27 Wyndham Street
    China SAR
    Tel: +
    852 2572
    CPR, Child and Infant First Aid, Domestic Helper First Air, Standard First Aid.

Call your dentist immediately.  If it is after hours, the answering machine should have an emergency number to call. 


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