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Hong Kong - Child Care and Baby-sitting

There are many playgroups and nursery schools to choose from in Hong Kong.  One way of finding one that suits your needs is to join a woman’s organization (or ask at one).  You can also write to Hong Kong Pre-School Playgroups Association (HKPPA).  An annual subscription will give you a newsletter and information on events.  They should also be able to tell you the names of some playgroups.  



Baby-sitting in Hong Kong isn’t a problem since everyone has an amah (domestic helper).  If you have a live-in amah you can leave the kids with her. 
If you are new to Hong Kong and living in a hotel, ask in advance at the hotel and they may be able to provide a babysitter.

An ex-pat run company which can provide you with a babysitter.  Along with babysitting, they provide short-term live-in care as well as full-time nanny placements.  All babysitters are fluent in English. 
Rent-A-Mum will be able to ensure you a babysitter if you give them advanced notice, so you may want to e-mail them as to when you’re arriving in HK and what days you would need someone to come in to be 100% certain they will have someone on the days you need them.

If you have moved into your new flat and don’t have an amah yet, put up a sign in your building requesting a babysitter.  Some amah’s work “extra jobs” for a little extra money.
A domestic helper is legally only supposed to work for their employer, but if the employer doesn’t need their helper they may let her baby-sit occasionally for you.


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