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Hong Kong - Annual Events

Many festivals rely on the Chinese Calendar and do not hold a fixed date. 
Check with the Hong Kong Tourist Association to find out what events are coming up. 
The HKTA is a great source of information for events that no one else has ever heard of, as well as the main events.  Call 2807-6177 or check out their website at:   where you can discover what Hong Kong has to offer.  Or drop by their office and pick up information.  They are located at the Star Ferry on Kowloon side.  And also at: Shop 9 basement, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place in Central. 

  • Chinese New Year (usually in January or February) 
    There are usually fireworks and a New Years parade.
  • Ching Ming —celebrated in April. 
    It's a time when the locals honor their ancestors and visit the graves.
  • Birthday of Tin Hau —celebrated in May. 
    Honors the Goddess of the Sea and the protector of the fisherman.
  • Cheung Chau Bun Festival —in April or May.
  • Dragon Boat Festival —June. 
    This festival is definitely fun to watch as teams get together to compete and see whose boat is the fastest. 
  • Festival of the Hungry Ghosts —August
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (or moon cake festival).  
    Celebrates an uprising against the Mongols.  Supposedly information was written down and baked into a moon cakes to tell people to revolt.  Often celebrated on the beaches.  People light candles in the sand or light paper lanterns.  Moon cakes are eaten, but most foreigners find them not too tasty.
  • Chung Yeung Festival —October. 
    Similar to Ching Ming.

These are not all of the festivals, so be sure to check out the HK tourist association to get monthly information about what is coming up.

  • Sport tournaments
    These are arranged through private clubs or through schools.  The Hong Kong Arts Festival occurs every February and many amazing artists come to town.
  • Hong Kong Golf Open
    Usually occurs in February at the Royal Hong Kong Golf Club.
  • The Rugby Sevens take place in March each year where international rugby teams come and compete.
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival
    Usually takes place in March or April
  • Dragon Boat races usually occur in May or June (depends on the lunar calendar) and are interesteing to watch.

In February, the Hong Kong Arts Festival runs all month and many international entertainers come to town. Be sure to look for information at City Hall (next to the Star Ferry, Central) starting in November so you can get your tickets before they are sold out.