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Hong Kong - After School Activities

For children, most sports activities will be available through school.
If you are looking for a sport that it isn’t offered at school, you can call:

  • Community Advice Bureau
    Tel: + 852 2815 5977
    To see if they have any places listed
  • ESF (English School’s Foundation)
    Tel: + 852 2711 1280
    For information about sports, summer activities, English kindergartens, etc. They will fax you information about your selection. They have TONS of different activities to join, and they even have some adult classes as well!
  • Multy-Sport
    Tel: + 852 2540 1257

There are many recreation clubs that people join to be involved in the sports activities or to belong to a nice club with all the amenities. Some clubs have lengthy waiting lists or require sponsorship.  You should consider where the clubs are located and what facilities and programs they have to offer.  I would wait until you have been settled a month or two before joining any club so that you make sure the club meets your needs.  A few clubs are listed below

  • Aberdeen Boat Club
    Tel: + 852 2552 8182
  • American (Country) Club
    Tel: + 852 2813 1784
  • Cricket Club  
    Tel: + 852 2577 8331
  • Hong Kong Cricket Club 
    Tel:+ 852 2574 6266
  • Hong Kong Football Club  
    Tel:+ 852 2882 7470
  • Hong Kong Golf Club 
    Tel: + 852 2812 7070
  • Kowloon Cricket Club 
    Tel: + 852 2367 4141
  • The YWCA 
    Tel:+ 852 2524 0639
  • YMCA
    Tel: + 852 2369 2211
    Also offer numerous programs and significantly lower prices.

There is a Leisure Activities department in Hong Kong that offers public programs in sports, yoga, aerobic training, etc.
Tel: + 852 2853 2566 for more information (although they don’t always speak English) or look up for a list of their activities. 

  • Fit Kit
    Tel:+ 852 2871 0944

For week-end activities, you can take the kids to Ocean Park, go out and see the Pink Dolphins for a half day Junk trip (call + 852 2984-1414 or try this website: ), take hikes in the countryside, go to the beach (although I advise against swimming in the water!), do a bbq on the beach (there are open pits where you can take skewers to roast hot dogs and such), or find other activities to do.  Many people join clubs and take the kids to the clubs on the week-ends to go swimming, play sports, take classes, etc.  Hong Kong is an accessible place and has plenty to do!

Kids in Hong Kong have plenty of educational and sport centres to to choose from. New centres keep on popping up all the time. However, some places cease to exist as quickly as they appeared. That’s how it is in Hong Kong – constant flux.

You will find that locations often have moved address however, phone numbers usually stay the same, so it should be always possible to track an activity centre down. Also some web sites provide maps with exact location. It is a good idea to visit the place first and ‘see for yourself’ before deciding on signing up. Fees vary and it is useful to select and contact several places for comparison. I often ask for a ‘trial lesson’ for kids or for a permission to sit in and observe. That way it is easier to decide whether it is the activity and place you are looking for.

Ice Skating
A great option for rainy days or when it is just too hot for an outdoor activity. The ice rinks can get very busy and the best time to go is the morning and before lunch. They get very overcrowded in the afternoon and on weekends. Skating schools are next to the rinks and offer courses for both children and adults. The most popular ice rinks are the following:

  • Cityplaza Ice Palace
    City Plaza Taikoo Shing, 1/F - 18, Taikoo Shing Road
    Shau Kei Wan
    Hong Kong
    China SAR
    Tel: + 852 2844 8688
  • Glacier
    Festival Walk UG, 80 - Tat Chee Ave
    Kowloon Tong
    Hong Kong
    China SAR
    Tel: + 852 2844 3588

Inline Hockey/In-line Scating
If hockey or in-line skating is your thing, contact the YMCA branch

  • YMCA
    King's Park Centenary Centre, 22 Gascoigne Road
    Yau Ma Tei
    Hong Kong
    China SAR
    Tel: + 852 2782 6682
    Web site:
    You need to bring your own kit! Gear is usually provided for beginner classes only.

Indoor/Outdoor Rock Climbing
YMCA offers climbing training and you can even book the venue  for a party!

Jumpin Gym USA
More than 40 centres cater for kids of all ages. The gyms are activitity centres with different games, climbing equipment and play equipment. It is a great place to go on rainy days or when it is just too hot for outdoor activities. The best way to find a location near you is to check the Yellow Pages.

Kite Flying
Winds can get pretty strong in Hong Kong and if you fancy some kite flying a good place to do it is either the designed kite flying area at Clearwater Bay Country Park or Tai Po Waterfront Park, Dai Fat Street, Tai Po.

Great fun is waiting for all fans of skateboarding at the newly build YMCA facility. You need to bring your own skateboard and safety gear. For more information contact the YMCA branch at King's Park Centenary Centre, 22 Gascoigne Road, Yau Ma Tei. Tel: 2782 6682, website: 

Swimming in Public Pools
The weather starts to get very hot by the beginning of May and you may want to have a dip in cool water. If you don't trust the local beaches you can visit your local swimming pools to cool down. To find about the pool closes to you, visit: . Most of the pools open at 6 am and close at 12noon for lunch and re-open at 1.30  pm, they close again for dinner break at 6pm and open at 7 pm. The closing time is usually around 10.30 pm.

Information provided by: Monika O'Reilly 

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