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The Hague - Special Needs

Local associations supporting children with special needs

Children with Special Needs

The Hague Support Group is a group of parents of children with various special needs, medical, behavioural, educational, who meet regularly for coffee to offer mutual support, exchange information and pool resources. Anyone with an interest in the group, both personally and professionally, is welcomed.
Contact Cathy Tel: 070 3175101 or Nathalie Tel: 070 3193808.

English Language Speech Centre
The centre's mission is to serve those in the English-language community in need of speech and language therapy in a warm and caring manner. For more information
Tel: 070-369 3848
e-mail: [email protected]

Autism Association for Overseas Families in The Netherlands
Offers support to expatriate families with an autistic spectrum disorder child to connect with other families based in The Hague.



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