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The Hague - Expat Clusters

Where expat choose to live in The Hague

Choosing where to live in The Netherlands may vary according to one's specific requirements.  Generally expats tend to choose to live close to their spouse's place of work or schools.  

Living space needed and budget are also other very important factors which impact on the decision of a location.

The districts where the majority of expatriates choose to live are:

Archipelbuurt - The neighbourood website has some images and the latest news about the area 
website (Dutch, some English):

Bezuidenhout - For a thorough overview check the neighbourood
website (Dutch, some English):

Kijkduin - together with Scheveningen is one of the two seaside resorts of The Hague

Marlot - Home to of one of the oldest parks in The Hague, dating since the 16th century, with winding paths, lanes and irregular ponds. 

Scheveningen - the most famous of the two seaside resort in the Hague

Find more tourist information about the Hague on the city website; content in English, French and German.