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Munich - Volunteers

Volunteer work is something you may not have thought of, but it is very worthwhile, not only for the people and organisations you help, but for yourself. If you are having difficulty getting a work permit and/or finding a job, then volunteering is a great idea. Depending on the job you find, you may get to keep your career skills up to scratch, as well as making friends with fellow volunteers you work with on a regular basis. Employers also look more favourably on people who have been volunteering than people who haven't been working at all, so it will pay off when your work permit does come through, and when you go back home.

Munich has several avenues open to volunteer workers. These include both civil and charitable institutions. There is also less formal volunteer work you can do by offering your help amongst your group of friends in the form of child-minding, language exchange, or any other skill you have that you can use to help others.

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