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Munich - Vintage car associations

Are you the proud owner of a vintage car and looking for your peers?

Vintage Cars "Oldtimer"
There is an excellent website with lists of vintage car clubs in Germany at:

These include
Auto Union-Veteranen-Club e.V. (AUVC)   for AUDI, DKW, Horch and Wanderer
BMW Veteranenclub Deutschland e.V.   (as the name suggests)
DAF Club Deutschland e.V.    for DAF and Volvo
Die Oldtimer-Garage Berlin Brandenburg e.V.  for all makes
GLAS Automobil Club International e.V.
LKW Oldtimer      for vintage trucks!
Morris-Minor Register Deutschland   (as the name suggests)
NSU Prinz IG      (as the name suggests)
OGCW       for vintage 4WD
Oldtimer Motor Club Mering
Oldtimerfreunde Freising e.V.
Oldtimer- und Landmaschinen-Freunde Schwarzbachtal e.V.
Oldtimer & Replika Club Bayern
Polizei-Motorsport-Club Marburg
  for motorbikes
Tatra Register Deutschland
Veteranen-Fahrzeug-Verband e.V
   for all makes

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