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Munich - Natural Catastrophes


The main bodies responsible for recreating order after a natural catastrophe are the fire brigade 'Feuerwehr', the rescue service 'Rettungsdienst' and the Red Cross 'Rote Kreuz' who administer medical aid, take injured people to safety and also give aid to those who suddenly find themselves homeless.

Disaster plans exist for all areas of the city and surrounds, with special attention paid to areas near chemical factories and the airport.

Munich is well-positioned with regard to being safe from natural catastrophes. Its relatively high, inland position near the Alps protects it from severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Although there can be a lot of precipitation, Munich's high elevation kept it safe from the floods that ravaged near-by areas in 2002. The ground under Munich is geologically stable with no threat from volcanic activity or earthquakes. Violent thunderstorms are quite rare and tree limbs tend to fall down rather than the entire tree.

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