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Munich - Travel Insurance

Travel insurance 'Reiseversicherung'
Travel insurance is quite handy to have when going on holiday from Munich, because you can find yourself in a completely different country within an hour or so, where none of your German insurance policies will cover you. There are many components to travel insurance.

Your regular health insurance will probably not cover any injuries you sustain during a holiday abroad. 'Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung' can cover costs associated with in- and out-patient hospital treatment, medicines, emergency dental work, ambulance transport and return transport to Munich if necessary, and in case of death, burial costs or return of the body. You can insure yourself on a yearly basis, rather than for each trip. It costs 9 Euros per person per year up to the age of 64, and 27 Euros per year for people aged 65 and over.

'Reiserücktrittskosten-Versicherung' covers cancellation fees, the cost of an identical holiday (if you have to return home early in the first half of the holiday) and transport expenses back to your home. The nice thing about this type of insurance is that your spouse and dependents are also covered for no extra fee.

To insure your luggage against damage or theft you need to take out 'Reisegepäckversicherung'.

'Gruppen-Reiseversicherung' is available for parties of ten or more.

You may also need to update you car insurance to cover any damage caused by you or to you outside Germany.


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