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Munich - Travel

One of the biggest advantages for an expat has to be the travel opportunities. What is there to see and visit? Where could you go on holiday when you live in this part of the world' How easy is it to travel with children or senior family members?How do you book tickets and where do you get travel information? Paguro has the most important travel information right here! Do you have comments/corrections or wish to share useful information? Go to add comment, we like hearing from you.

One of the best things about Munich is its central position in Europe. Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland and France are merely hours away by road and rail. Germany's excellent Autobahn network also makes destinations to the north of the country reachable in a relatively short amount of time.

Germans book their holidays well in advance. Two months or longer is not unusual. Many people capitalise on the wealth of long weekends in the Summer months, so finding accommodation at interesting destinations within easy reach of Munich on these dates, and also during school holidays, can be difficult.

The peak time of year for tourists arriving in Munich is in late September/early October during Oktoberfest. The hotels are completely full and prices sky-rocket at this time. If you have any control over your initial arrival date in Munich, do not make it during this period!

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