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Munich - Teenagers

Munich’s lifestyle allows teenagers a lot of independence. The city is very safe and easily navigable by public transport and/or bike. School uniforms are not compulsory, and even better than this is the fact that the school day finishes around 1pm so teenagers have the whole afternoon and evening for leisure, homework and family activities.

Useful vocabulary

Activity = Aktivität
Age limit = Altersgrenze
Bar, pub = Kneipe
Boyfriend = Freund
Cinema = Kino
Dance = Tanz
Diet = Schlankheitskur
Discotheque = Diskothek
Drive = fahren
Driving license = Führerschein
Flirt = flirten
Friend = Freund(in)
Girlfriend = Freundin
Mobile phone = Handy
Scooter = Tretroller
Speed = Geschwindigkeit
Speed limit = Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung



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