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Munich - Voltage

Electricity in Munich is 220 volts, 50 Hertz. Power points take the standard continental european two round pins. There is no on/off switch for powerpoints.

You can purchase round child safety plastic catches to put inside the powerpoint. These are thin disks that only allow the wires to be accessed when you put a standard european electric plug in the socket.

We rewired our Australian power boards with the European plug, and all our electrical devices have worked including lamps, laptops, phone chargers, etc. The only appliance that doesn't work is the bread maker, but the user is probably to blame rather than the voltage!

If you intend to use your electrical appliances from home, make sure that you buy the correct pin adaptor at home. While it is possible to buy adaptors that allow you to plug German electricals into Australian/Asian/American/etc powerpoints in Munich, it is impossible to find adaptors that go the other way.

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