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Munich - Travel Arrangements

Look into your insurance coverage. Car insurance and health insurance may not be valid once you cross the border out of Germany. Additional travel insurance may also be advisable.

Most Germans (and people who have been living in Munich a long time!) book their holidays well in advance. This includes plane/train/bus tickets and accommodation. 'Last minute' deals are normally for departure dates of between 1 to 3 weeks in advance. With this mentality, the average holiday is booked two months or more in advance. Favourite travel destinations include the Canary Islands and Lago di Garda in Italy. If you're planning to go to either of these places, either book extremely well in advance, or choose your holiday time outside of peak season.

Travel by car is the most popular way for Germans to transport themselves and their families on holidays. At the start and end of school holiday periods expect long delays on the roads. As plane travel is the second most favoured means of holiday transport, expect long queues at airports at the start and end of the holiday period.

Even if you are travelling within the EU, you will need to take your passport with you, if you travel outside Germany. Passports are also the favoured form of photo ID when you are travelling domestically. Make sure that you have all the correct visas and other formal documentation needed when visiting other countries.

As the post office sends uncollected packages back to the sender if they are not collected within one week, it is a good idea to let the post office know the period over which you will be away. For extended periods of absence, it is worthwhile switching your bill paying method to a standing order if you haven't already done so, as utilities are very efficient at cutting you off for unpaid bills.


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