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Munich - Moving or Travel List

List of items to handcarry 


If your travel to Munich by plane involves a stop-over, then it's a very good idea to carry in your hand luggage essential items, including at minimum a change or two of underwear - if not an entire change of clothes! - because luggage goes missing quite regularly.
List of items you must carry:
The first item you must carry is your foreign  language text. :  If you are doing serious study where the language of instruction is not your native language, then it may benefit you to bring text books from home. If you are not a strong language learner, it is definitely a good idea to bring a German text book, with instruction in your native language to Munich. Most German text books sold in Munich are in German only, as they cater to people from all language backgrounds. You will also find the vocab lists with the translation into your native language very useful, as these do not exist in the German texts sold here. A vocabulary builder from home is also useful. Although vocabulary builders are available in various languages for Germans studying foreign languages, these aren't so useful for foreigners learning German as the gender of German nouns is assumed knowledge and therefore not given.




You should always take laptop computers as hand luggage and keep them in your sight at all times, particularly when picking other baggage up from the carousel.

Airlines are still paranoid about you bringing any sharp objects on board in cabin baggage, so pack these in your checked luggage unless you want to surrender them forever at the security check.

Even when travelling across borders into EU and Shengen states you should always carry your passport with you. Within Germany it is enough to carry your residence permit 'Aufenthaltserlaubnis or German driving licence as ID, but 'foreign' hotels will ask for your passport.

When driving, make sure you have the vehicle registration certificate 'Fahrzeugschein' with you at all times, and never leave it in a parked car!

Of course, if you are web-aware (which you must be, since you are reading this page!) the problem of unavailable texts can be circumvented by logging onto this website: .

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