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Munich - Groups

Getting involved in the local culture can make settling in faster and easier. Meeting up with people from your own country may help you feel more at home. Paguro proposes a variety of international clubs, hobby groups, sports clubs, religious associations and different organizations that want to welcome you! Do you feel there are important information missing? Add you comment!
Munich - Groups

Munich has a very strong expat community, and as such there is a wide range of associations to join where you can meet with like-minded people who speak a common language. Associations range from sporting groups to religious groups, from support groups to people who just like to meet for a chat, from professional net-working groups to people who share a common hobby. Meeting frequencies vary from once a month to several times a week.

If you cannot find an association that interests you, then found your own! A good place to advertise for members, beside Paguro - of course!-  is in the Munich Found, an English language magazine that gets published 10 times a year, and also is available online at: .

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