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Munich - Free Magazines

Unfortunately for non-German speakers, most of the free magazines I've come across are in German. There is little advantage to them not being in the language spoken in Munich as most of the events and products they advertise are also in German.

For newcomers
New in the City
This start-up monthly magazine in English had its first issue in October 2003. It contains information about current events, and contains lots of advertisements for companies offering services for newcomers, including language schools, cultural training, employment services, tax advisors, and of course, restaurants and bars.

in münchen
The magazine that I never miss is called "in münchen". This is published fortnightly and runs from Thursday to Wednesday. It lists all the cinema, theatre, exhibition and concert events, with a generous section describing events of particular interest to children. It also contains a TV program, columns on fashion, current events, movie and book reviews, as well as advertisements for language and fitness courses and cheap travel offers.
"in muenchen" is available from over 900 locations in Munich including restaurants, language schools and selected shops. If there isn't an outlet near you, check it out on the
website: , or call Tel: + 49 (0) 89 3899 7113.

Monatsprogramm is a small, yellow booklet published by the Munich Tourist Office. It is also in German. This monthly publication has lots of tourist information including opening times of museums and hotel listings.

Local news
Münchner Wochenblatt is a weekly newspaper delivered to all houses and commercial premises. There is a paragraph or two of local news, a weekly TV guide and a limited theatre program, but the paper is mainly an advertising vehicle for cars, jobs (mosty part-time, non-professional positions), goods for sale (both private sales and businesses), real estate and personals.
Münchner Samstagsblatt is the weekend edition of the same paper.
Münchner Zentrum is yet again another edition of the same paper.

Real Estate
Banks often advertise properties for sale in their branches, as you would expect a real estate agent to.

Planet Home is a monthly magazine advertising properties for sale. You can pick it up from the HypoVereinsBank (although they may try to convince you to have a talk with one of their financial advisors before giving you a copy of the magazine!).

Immostar is the same thing, but produced by the Deutsche Bank.


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