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Munich - Expat Clusters


By far, Schwabing is the Munich district with the highest expat population density. Being only a few minutes directly north of the city centre, this cafe-studded suburb is very close to the English Garden, Ludwig Maximillian University, and is serviced by multiple U-Bahn lines and bus routes.

Haidhausen, the suburb just across the river to the southeast of the city, is also a popular expat enclave. It is quite close to the city without being priced completely out of the market, and is well-serviced by public transport. One of the English cinemas, Museum Lichtspiel, and the Deutches Museum are nearby.

Most of Munich inner city living is in flats which alternate between office buildings (all that lovely old-style European architecture so you can never tell the difference between commercial premises and private housing) and other business premises including hairdressers, restaurants and shops. If you have children and want to have some private backyard space, then you will have to live much further out of the city. You will also want to consider how far you are prepared to travel to work, and how long your children will travel to school. The international schools are located in Haimhausen in the north, Starnberg in the south (a pricey suburb but accessible by S-Bahn), and there is a European school at the southeastern tip of the U5 U-Bahn. 


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