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Munich - Electronics and Computers

Munich's large department stores: Hertie, Kaufhof, and Karstadt all have a wide range of electronic goods for sale. Kaufhof and Karstadt can be found along Kaufingerstr in the city, in shopping malls at Olympia Einkaufzentrum (Hanauerstr) and Neuperlach Sud (Thomas Dehlerstr), and at various other locations around Munich. Go to the fourth floor of Hertie at the Stachus end of the store for most electronics. Lights are on the third floor.

Saturn and Media-Markt are other big electronics stores. Saturn stores are usually found in shopping centres, whereas Media-Markt stores tend to be large warehouses, a little way away from the main shopping areas.

Conrad (Tal 29) has a few appliances and also lots of electrical hardware needs.


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