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Munich - Duty Free Shopping

Where and when it is possible and convenient

Hopping from country to country in united Europe has become increasingly easier, but sadly duty free shopping has lost all its benefits. When travelling within the EU, which includes Canary Islands, French provinces (including those in the South Pacific!), and the Channel Islands, duty free does not apply.

Also be aware that when you buy goods outside the EU and wish to return to Munich, you can claim a refund for the amount of value added tax you paid on the product. (The same applies to non-EU residents when leaving Germany). The minimum limit is different for each country, so pay attention to this.

When purchasing items, ask for a tax refund cheque. Then when you leave the country, show the item you purchased, the receipt, the tax refund cheque and your passport to the customs officials who will stamp the tax refund cheque. You can obtain your refund immediately at the Global Refund office at the (external EU) border post or airport, have the amount credited to your bank account (including credit card accounts), or have a cheque sent to your nominated address.

There is a maximum time within which you can claim your refund, so if you go to all the bother of getting the cheque stamped, don't forget to cash it asap!

: If a single, indivisible item goes over the tax-free amount, then tax has to be paid on the whole value of the item. No tax-free amount is given to items used for business reasons.


When travelling from outside the EU back into the EU the following duty free limits apply.

Travellers over 17 can carry up to
200 cigarettes or
100 Zigarillos or
50 cigars or
250 grams tobacco or
a compilation of the above

generally alcohol is so cheap in Munich that it will beat any price you can get duty free. However, if you wish to import some special wine or lethal after dinner tipple from outside the EU, the following volumes can be carried by travellers over 17:
1 litre of spirits with an alcoholic content of over 22% or
1 litre of ethylalcohol with an alcoholic content over 80% or
2 litres of spirits or aperitifs or
2 litres of a similar beverage with an alcoholic content of 22% or less or
2 litres of sparkling wine or liqueur wine or one of each, and 2 litres of non-sparkling wine

500 grams of roast coffee or 200 grams of instant coffee

500 grams of perfume and 25 litres eau de toilette

Personal doses of medicine

175 euros worth of "other goods"