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Germany - Vaccinations

No specific vaccinations or prophylaxis is required to enter Germany. If you have a stop-over on your trip to Germany, you should look into the vaccination requirements for the country, in which you are stopping.
In winter flu vaccines are available at many place of employment, although these are at the employees' expense.

The list below is the vaccination program for children issued by the German Health Office.

From Three Months of Age

Diphtheria-Tetanus (DT), with a booster a minimum of 6 weeks later.
Diphtheria-Whooping Cough-Tetanus (DPT), with two boosters, 4 weeks apart for children in "risk" situations.
Poliomyelitis, with a booster a minimum of 6 weeks later. Can be taken in combination with Diphtheria-Tetanus.

From 15 Months
DT or DPT booster.
Poliomyelitis booster.

Six to Eight Years
TD booster at higher dose.

10 Years
Polio booster.

11-15 Years
Rubella for all girls, even if they have been previously immunised.

10-year Intervals
Tetanus booster. Small dose Diphtheria booster.

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