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Germany - House Contents Insurance

Insuring a property and your belongings

House and Contents Insurance (Hausrat- und Glasbruchversicherung)

Depending on your policy, house and contents insurance insures against damage to the kitchen, household appliances, furniture, curtains, clothing, pictures, carpets, jewellery, cash, books, records/CDs, and anything of worth in the house including valuable coin or stamp collections. Damage covers all types of damage caused by theft, vandalism (as part of a break-in), fire, lightning, an explosion, defective plumbing (including overflowing baths and sinks), storm, hail, broken glass (including glass from picture frames!), flood, snow avalanches, landslides and earthquakes.

Additionally, bikes are insured from theft when they are left locked out in the open between 6am and 10pm, if they are ever stolen from inside, or if they are stolen in conjunction with a larger-scale theft.

Goods left in your car (other than cameras and their accessories) are insured to 1% of their value, up to an amount of 500 Euros while it is parked outdoors between 6am and 10pm, or at all times if it is garaged.

Clothing left outdoors and outdoor furniture are insured for 2% of their value up to 1000 Euros.

A general guide as to how much you should insure your household contents for is 650 Euro per square metre.

If the house is so badly damaged that all other goods within it must be removed and you and your family need to arrange alternative accommodation, then these costs are also covered.

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