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Germany - Home Owner Insurance

Home Owner Insurance  (Eigentumversicherung)
As stated in the name, this is an insurance you have if you own a property, whether you live in it yourself or rent it out. Depending on your coverage level you can ensure against damage caused by fire, defective plumbing, storm, hail, flood, snow and mud avalanches, landslides, earthquakes and associated costs with rescue.

As a home owner you are responsible for maintaining the property. Any damage caused by neglect of the property is your responsibility, so liability damage is available to insure against this.

You can also take out liability insurance against any environmental damage caused by a defective oil tank on the property you own Gewässerschaden-Haftpflichtversicherung.

As with all insurance in Germany, you can take out additional insurance to cover any legal costs you might incur. This is particularly useful if you own a property which you rent out, in case you should have a dispute with your tenants.

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