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Germany - Items that are forbidden to import

Since January 2003 restrictions have tightened on the import of meat, milk and dairy products into the EU. Exceptions are made for infant foods and diabetic foods in unopened packets. Also fish and fish products, and products containing milk or cream-like sweets, chocolate or biscuits are not affected by the new rules.

In addition to the above restrictions, you also cannot carry (live) animals, plants or parts thereof, particularly if they are protected species. Souvenirs made of coral and shells must be surrendered to customs. Do not believe what the seller of the product tells you, believe what the German customs officials tell you! A list is available from:

Bundesamt für Naturschutz
Konstantinstr. 110 
Tel. + 49 (0) 228 84 910

You are also not allowed to carry over 15,000 Euros worth of cash in the form of securities, cheques, bills, precious metal und gemstones. This law is due to attempts to constrain organised crime and money laundering.

Trafficking of illegal drugs is of course not allowed!

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