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Germany - Child Benefits

You can apply for child benefit at the employment office or the public sector employer in public services. The amount is 154 Euros for the first child, until the third child, 179 Euro each for any additional child.

The benefit will be paid for legitimate, legitimated, adopted and illegitimate children and stepchildren whom the recipient of the benefit cares for in his or her household. It can also be paid for children over the age of 16, but only if they are in full-time education or vocational training.

From the age of 27, it is still payable only if the child is in compulsory military or community service, etc. or has not obtained a university or college place.

Generally child benefits are payable only for children within the scope of the Federal Child Benefit Act (Bundeskindergeldgesetz).

Exceptions are allowed for EC nationals, Austrian and Turkish nationals, refugees and stateless persons, who also receive child benefits for children living outside the Federal Republic.

Visit any “Kindergeldstelle” to find out if you are entitled.