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Germany - Car accident procedure

Car accident "Verkehrsunfall"
It is an offence to leave the scene of an accident and police must be called to every accident. The police emergency number is 110.
If people are injured, both the fire brigade and the paramedics can be reached on 112.

A prerequisite to applying for a German licence is to attend a first aid course. This course includes how to rescue a driver and passengers from severe and immediate danger, checking for consciousness, breathing, and circulation, how to clear the airway, resuscitate and staunch blood loss, and how to secure an accident scene. All drivers are expected to have this knowledge. If you approach an accident scene with injured or trapped people it is your duty to help.

Securing the accident scene involves placing the emergency signal triangle at least 100m away from the scene of the accident in the direction of approaching traffic. This distance may need to be extended around bends or on other dangerous stretches of road.

Emergency phones are placed every two kilometres on Autobahns. Arrows on sign posts show both the distance and direction to the nearest emergency phone. Just pick up the receiver and you will be in direct contact with an emergency operator.

For all accidents, including minor ones, drivers must exchange names and insurance details (these are printed on the Fahrzeugschein which you must carry at all times when driving), and many insurance companies give their clients a book of tear-out sheets of paper with the details printed on them.

If you cause damage to a parked car, you are expected to wait a "reasonable amount of time" for someone to return to the car before leaving your insurance details in writing and driving off.

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