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Sophia Antipolis - Teenager's hangout

Living in a village or in a little town like Sophia-Antipolis is really easy going,  but teenagers seem to prefer living in a bigger town in order to be more independent. The availablitiy of public transport (metro, buses…) makes it easy to go and meet other teenagers.

In Sophia-Antipolis there is a good mix of cultures and an international mentality. You will meet people from all over the world.

If you live in Valbonne, which is an international village, you are sure to have foreign neighbours, like you, who want to make friends. All the teenagers from the same area and at the same age walk to school together or take the motorbike. After school, there are plenty of activities. Cap 3000, the most popular shopping centre, beaches in Cannes, Antibes…and the centre of Nice are places where you can meet other teenagers.

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