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Sophia Antipolis - Voltage

France electrical voltage is 220 volts, 50 cycles.

Most European appliances should function, but they might need a plug adaptor although a converter may be necessary.
Step down transformers (from 110 to 220 voltage) are necessary for US appliances (only recommended on 50 cycle appliances).

In France some electrical stores sell transformers and converters (they are on the expensive side), but you could also by them online.
Consider buying them in your country,prior moving,from dual voltage stores.
There is nothing more frustrating than having a fridge or a washing machine and not being able to use it because you lack the transformer!
Prior to use your electrical appliance with a transformer, you better ask for advice to the appliance manufacturer.

Older electrical installations in FRance might not have an 'earth' and many appliances are not earthed in France, which may be an issue for some adapter plugs due to the shape of the plug itself . TO be on the safe side buy a range of two pin and two pin-one hole adapters.

It is wise to avoid overloading a single electrical point with multiplug adapters, you are better off by buying a circuit breaker adapter for computer equipment.

If you are using the computer for work it would be better to invest on an uninterupted power supply (UPS), to avoid the stress of lost work.

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