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Sophia Antipolis - Tax system

There are four important taxes in France

  • Income tax (impôts sur le revenu)
    Income tax is paid twice a year (February and September).You have to declare your income in March by filling in a document called “déclaration de revenus” (tax report). If you don’t do it, you will be charged a penalty on your income tax.
  • Tax on accommodation (taxe d’habitation)
    Whether you are a tenant or a house owner, you have to pay this tax every year. If you move into a new place after the first of January, you will not have to pay this tax for that year, but only the next.
  • Property tax (taxe foncière)
    If you own a flat or house, you have to pay realty tax. The amount varies according to where your property is located.
  • Television licence (redevance)
    When you own a television, you have to declare it at the “Centre régional de la redevance" and pay a tax around 100 euros per year.

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