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Sophia Antipolis - Travel arrangements for pets

all the travel arrangements for your pets, by plane and by train, in France

By plane

  • To travel with you, your pet must fit in a traveling bag. Otherwise it will be transported in a cage with the baggage. In this case, you can give it a tranquillizer before the trip.
  • It’s better to buy the cage before departure so your pet can get accustomed to it. For example, you can put one of its toys inside the cage or something else and let your pet get in of its own accord. Then you will close the door in order to see how it will react and it will be less stress during the flight.
  • Birds must travel in a cage and you must put over it a black material in order to avoid their whistles. You must book a place in the fret service of the airline company. The cost of the ticket plane for your animal will be calculated according to its weight and the size of the cage. You will put a stick on the cage mentioning “IATA Live Animal Label" and "This Way Up".
  • If your animal travels with you or with the baggage, the ticket’s price is calculated on the same basis of excess luggage (even if you haven’t got baggage). Ask your airline company.

By train

  • If you travel by train (SNCF company), you will pay for your dog or any kind of animal (if it’s more than 6 Kg), 50 % of a second-class ticket.
  • If the weight of your animal is less than 6 Kg, bring it with you in a traveling bag (45cm x 30cm x 25cm, maximum). You will have to pay the amount of 4,88 euros.
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