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Sophia Antipolis - Parties

Most people in Sophia-Antipolis like to organize their birthday party in the garden around the swimming pool, as the weather is fine all year. To help people find your house, you can hang balloons on the traffic signs near the entry of your house (that's the fashion here!).

If you haven't got a garden you can organize the party in a park (some of them allow this, but not all). You can go also go to the beach and organize beach-games.

Otherwise, you can go to McDonalds, Quick…where they can prepare everything for you.

If you decide to organize the party yourself , go to the shop "Cash décor" in Villeneuve-Loubet or in Mougins where you can find a lot of articles for the party.
Tel: + 33 (0)4 9202 1223
email : [email protected]

The birthday cake you can order at the nearest bakery. Or you can always bake it yourself  and decorate it with sweets.

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