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Sophia Antipolis - Natural catastrophes


  • The French Riviera is situated in a sysmic zone. In 2001, we felt a jolt as if a plane shaved the roof of the house, but no damage took place. Just a big fear. 


  • When it's raining on the French Riviera it's raining "cats and dogs". Quite quickly streets, gardens and some houses are flooded. When the wheatherforecast informs about floods, close your house and protect it with sand bags if you can.
  • Floods, fire and earthquakes are the most current catastrophes in here on the French Riviera.


  • As in the summer it's very hot and dry, just a cigarette, not quite extincted, can burn hectares of vegetations. So be careful when you make a picnic or a barbecue. Always have some water near you.