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Sophia Antipolis - Importing your goods

Since July 1, 1993, freedom of movement of goods is ensured inside the European Union. The tax and customs formalities related to the crossing of the intracommunity borders are removed. You can buy your goods in another member state in the European Community without limitation of quantity or value. Your goods are paid inclusive of tax, at the rates in the country of purchase, except the purchase by correspondence and new cars, which are subject to VAT in the country of delivery.

Particular products
However, certain particularly sensitive products remain subject to control and/or declaration. These are:
- cultural goods (works of art),
- species of fauna and wild flora threatened by extinction (Convention of Washington).
- live animals, livestock products and food products of animal origin,
- certain plants and crop products (decree of September 2, 1993),
- weapons and ammunition,
- drugs for human use, narcotics and psychotropic
- wine, alcohol and tobacco
- petroleum products, except the fuel in the tank of a tourist vehicle and in a can of 10 liters maximum
-You can import psychotropic drugs if you follow a medical treatment. In this case, you must produce a medical certificate if you move in the Schengen area.

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