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Sophia Antipolis - Relatives or nanny aupair visa paperwork

Our region is really attractive for young people who want to have an international experience. However she/he must obtain an "au pair visa" if she/he comes from a non-European country.

How to obtain an "au pair visa":
- The employer needs to ask to the DDTE (Direction Départementale du Travail et de l'Emploi) for four copies of the "agreement of placement" form. You need to fill them out and send them to the au pair so she/he can obtain her/his visa. She/he must sign the documents and send them back to you.
- You also need to register the au pair with a language shool. It will cost around 80 euros. The shool will give you 2 certificates of pre-inscription (an original and a duplicate).
- When you have the four copies of agreement of placement signed by the au pair, you need to send the documents to the DDTE. You also need to send the certificates of pre-inscription with the language school, a copy of the diploma of the au pair, a copy of the passport and a recent medical certificate (less than three months old).
- The DDTE should send you back three copies of the agreement of placement.
- The au pair should have two copies of the agreement of placement and one copy of the certificate of pre-inscription with the language school.
- She/he then has to take the documents to the French Embassy of her/his country in order to obtain a long-term visa. Then you have to decide the date of her/his arrival in France.
- At her/his arrival in France, she/he should ask for a residence permit "étudiant-élève" at the prefecture near your home.
- With the residence permit and two copies of the agreement of placement, she/he will obtain a provisional authorization of work from the service of foreign labour.
- You need to register her/he with the URSSAF within 8 days of her/his arrival. You also need to register her/him with the social security. You have to pay for this and you are not entitled to any tax cut.

These companies offer advice on au pairs:
Fleurs de Provence
Tel: + 33 (0)4 9208 1444
Alliance culturelle internationale au pair
Tel: + 33 (0)4 9313 4413

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