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Sophia Antipolis - Quarantine requirements

There is no quarantine for animals in France. Either you have done all the paperwork to get the animal to France or it is not accepted and have to go back.

For cats and dogs:
A new reglementation will start 1st of October 2004 (nearly the same except the last point). This reglementation will be applied by all the Europeen countries.
To bring an animal to France, you have to:
1) Get it tattooed (number) or microchipped under the skin (for identification)
2) Give it a rabies injection (with the number of the injection written on the "carnet de vaccination" (vaccination document)
3) Check for rabies antibodies by a lab approved by the European Union (check with the French embassy for a list of laboratories in your area).

These three points are compulsory and have to be done before the move.

All the information has to be translated (at least into English if not in French).
You can get these forms from French embassies or the Ministry of Agriculture.

For other animals, check with the French embassy.

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