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Sophia Antipolis - Education

The creation of the Sophia Antipolis Association dates back to 1969. Since its inception, the city of Sophia Antipolis and its surroundings has been centered around education. The short history of the city has seen in rapid succession the birth of The University of Nice, The University of Law, Economic Science, and Arts and Sciences, the ENSMP (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris), the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) Laboratories and the flourishing of various international education establishments for primary and secondary level of education.

The creation of a high-level scientific, industrial and service sector park with international on the plateau of Valbonne, by the Comité Interministériel pour l’Aménagement du Territoire (Interministerial committee for land development) has attracted hundreds of national and international companies which have set up offices in the area.

Public schools are excellent and private schools with foreign curriculums abound. The public administration, in response to the specific local needs of the economy and of the international population, has created one of the rare public establishments with international sections (german, anglo-american, spanish and italian): the CIV (Centre Internationale de Valbonne).

Students of the Centre Internationale de Valbonne can choose between the french baccalaureat or the international baccalaureat. With 1.600 students, the CIV (International Center of Valbonne) is very famous and offers you the opportunity to enter higher-level education.
website: (note that despite the international sections, the site is available only in french, sigh!).

For more detailed information about education, public and private schools in the area of Sophia Antipolis please refer to the specific documents.  


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