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Sophia Antipolis - Education files

The education of your children continues to be important even if you move from a country to another. So keep in a file all the programs that your children learn at school, all the documents that should be necessary for their inscriptions in a new school.

File Recommendations:
*Names of schools attended
*Period of attendance
*Keep a list of contact numbers, names and addresses of the former school (teaching staff, administration)
*Letter of recommendation from the teacher(s): this letter should give an outline of the child in the school environment, covering not only the curriculum side of it, but also abilities, social behavior,
strengths, weaknesses etc.
*Description of curriculum (it may be necessary to translate it): the official version is a good starting point, but it is extremely useful having the teacher define the outline of the program (as it may differ slightly or greatly from the official one). Keeping a copy of the textbooks may come handy to substantiate the program followed
*Tests and work-samples:some curriculums have standardized assessments: keep a copy of these

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