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Paris - Public schools

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Schools with international departments
Training classes for A level

The French education system is the responsibility of the State and is controlled by:

  • Ministère de l’Education Nationale
    110, rue de Grenelle
    Tel: + 33 (0)1 5555 1010
  • Rectorat de Paris
    service académique de l'inspection de l'apprentissage
    94 av Gambetta
    Tel: + 33(0)1 4462 4754
Schools with international departments
  • Collège et lycée international Honoré de Balzac
    118,bd Bessières
    Tel: +  33  (0)1  5311 1213
    Spanish, English, German from secondary school up to college
  • Collège et lycée d'Etat de Sèvres
    21, rue du Docteur Ledermann
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  4626 6010
    German and English 
  • Collège Pierre et Marie Curie
    62, avenue Pierre et Marie Curie
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  3976 8486
    English and Portuguese
  • Lycée international d'Hennemont
    Rue du Fer à Cheval
    BP 230
    Saint Germain en Laye
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  3910 9411
    German, American, English, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Japonese, Dutch, Swedish and Portuguese 
  • Collège Marcel Roby 
    3, rue de La Rochejacquelin
    Saint Germain en Laye
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  3910 2590
    American and Spanish
  • Collèges des Hauts Grillets
    10, boulevard Hector Berlioz
    Saint Germain en Laye 
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  3087 4620
    German and Polish
  • Collège international
    48 rue Guérin
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  6422 4317
    English and German

Training classes for A level

  • Ecole active bilingue JEANINE MANUEL
    70,rue du Théatre
    Paris cedex 15
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  4437 0080
  • American school of Paris
    41, rue Pasteur
    BP 82
    St Cloud cedex
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  4112 8282
  • International school of Paris
    6, rue Beethoven
    Tel: +  33 (0)1  4224 0954

The French state system offering the standard education of the country.
On the whole, it has a good reputation but it is relatively tough. As pupils proceed through the system it gets tougher. If you are a non French speaking family you should be under no illusions. It may seem ludicrous to state the obvious but in the French State system the language is French. Your own mother tongue may be taught as a foreign language but that is it. Think very carefully especially if your child or children are already in your home country’s education system. Besides the physcological shock of moving house, moving country, going to a “new” school is equally stressful for most children. Throw in a different language and it can be a recipe for disaster. Put bluntly if you want your children to go into the French state system to “learn” the French language and to make French friends it could be a very bad experience for you and your child. The French State system is there to educate French children.. There is no Français Spécial (*see later) the children are there to learn all the subjects generally taught in schools throughout the World. In ordinary French state schools without an international section there will almost certainly be no special provision for the period of transition.
The state system starts off at a very early age so on the other hand starting a young child at a state school, “maternelle” could give that child or children the benefits of a bilingual upbringing.
If you have contracted for a long-term or permanent stay in France, the great advantage of French schooling for children, who have the capacity, is to be “broadened” by the experience, allowing them better integration with French culture and society, once the very difficult period of transition is over. The choice is obviously a personal one and best made after visiting possible schools and after discussion involving the child; if of an appropriate age. Many French “private” schools have state support. This means that a good education can be inexpensive.  If your child cannot yet read or write English, or has sufficient knowledge of French, they can be sent to a state school, which is free up to the baccalauréat (the final school exam).
Finally French schools start and finish early, so you may otherwise have to arrange for an au pair, nanny or make other arrangements to deliver and collect your children.

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