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Paris - Housing typology

The best way to select an area
You should look for a house/flat according to the location of your job, school, transport, noise etc. Before deciding definitly, we advice you to come at different times of the day and why not during the night. Only than will you have the right idea of your new area. Sometimes the area can change during the night due to nightclubs etc.

Apartments - if you decide to live in Paris
You can rent an empty or furnished apartment,(meublé). Here are the different sizes of flats you can find :

- "une pièce" : it's like a studio. Room and kitchen are in the same room and it has a small bathroom.
- "deux pièces" : one room, living-room, kitchen, bathroom.
- "trois pièces" : two rooms, living-room, kitchen, bathroom.
-  Etc.

Houses (villas) - if you decide to live around Paris there are different choices
- villa individuelle : house
- villa jumelée : semi-detached house

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