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France - Seniors

Prevention of disease for old people.

  • Three injections are recommended for the old people:
    • the Flew ;
    • the Pneumococcus ;
    • the Tetanus.
  • The other injections especially the injection recommended for travelling can be done.

Old People Assistance

  • A meal can be deliver to your house that you will just have to warm. 
    It can be organised by the hospital, old people’s home, restaurants from residence or other structure in order to help occasionally or permanently the old people who are living at home and cannot prepared their meal.
    Who can take advantage of this service ? It is either paid by the old people or by the administration, depend of the incomes.
    Where to go ? At the town hall, where you can get the list of association which offer this kind of service.
  • Being nurse at home is a possibility, you will get the same treatment as if you were in hospital 7 days a week.
    You should have the doctor and patient agreement and also that the residence was convenient.
    Who can take advantage of this service ? No age limit or disease except psychiatric disease, and dialysis.
    This service are set up and run by hospitals or non profit making organisation.
    SOS Third Age is a service set up by volunteers. They can brink meals, do some house work, shopping, fill administrative form…
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