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France - Relatives or nanny aupair visa paperwork

If during your stay in France you wish to have family or relatives visit please refer to your state's consulate or embassy in France to gather information, or ask you family to go to their closest french consulate. The family visas regard only spouse or child under 18. For more information consult the french Foreign Ministry site.

If you wish to come to France, as an au pair:

  • you must be between 19 and 28 years old,

  • have an experience of babysitting (2 references are necessary)

  • you must be a student when applying or have just finished your studies recently, a driving licence is not obligatory but it is better to have it

  • you must have studied french at least 2 years at school.

Most french families ask to have an au pair for one year, many families ask to start in September for 1 year or in June with a short visa contract to come for 2 or 3 months.

If you accept to be placed anywhere in a big town in France, it's easier to have a yearly contract.

  • You will work 30 hours per week, you will get 80 € per week.

  • You will look after the children and you will do some light housework.

  • You will have your own bedroom and you will have 1 day and a half off per week minimum.

  • You will be full boarded (food, bedroom) by your french family.

  • You will have to organise and pay for your travel.

  • You will have to go to french classes each week and you will have to pay for it which is usually around 80 € per month.

For more information check the Eurojob site.

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