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France - Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are meant to provide for your loved ones in the event of an unexpected fatality. You sign a contract with an insurance company and pay an annual fee or premium. In return, the insurance guarantees to pay out a benefit (the amount of money is specified in the contract you sign) to the beneficiaries (people or institutions of your choice).

Based on age, gender, medical history, tobacco use, the value of the benefit you request, and the type of policy chosen, insurance companies determine the premiums they charge you. Statistical data are compared to yours and through sophisticated actuarial programs the insurance determines the size of the premium you have to pay.

Many expatriates choose to carry international life insurance to protect financially their families from sudden and unexpected death. Owning a life insurance policy, if you are married, have children or others who depend on you for financial security, or if you own a business is not simply a sensible thing to do, it is a must for expatriates.

If you wish to have a French insurance policy, the market has a wide range of different life insurance arrangements to chose from. The challenge is the language.
A life insurance policy could also be devised as a form of savings and retirement plan. In the contract you should have the possibility to choose between an annuity or a lump sum.

La fédération française des sociétés d'assurances
Supervises the insurance market and gives you advice on insurance options.

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