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France - House Inspection

Buying a house/flat
The seller must provide certain certificates, to prove that certified professionals have verified the house. It is necessary for :
- certificate of the surface (the law "Carrez")
- location of asbestos
- location of lead
- location of the parasites (termites)
 The seller must provide these certificates and each costs around 150 euros. These documents will be given to you and to the notary who will keep them at his office.

Renting a house/flat
Before moving in the house/flat and prior to leaving it, you will have to evaluate the condition of the property (état des lieux) with the owner or real estate agency. On an agreed date you and the representative will walk around the house to draft an inventory of the state of the property (it is done free of charge), the representative will write a document reporting any problem or damage (every hole in the wall is noted down!!!). You have to sign this document which will be used to define if, when you will be ready to vacate the property, the deposit money will be returned to you or any amount will be withheld to cover for the repairs rendered necessary compared to the original condition.


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